Blog | Loss of information: What to do when an employee leaves the company?

Some tools allow quick and efficient access to employee information.

When a person leaves his or her job, it is a great loss for the company, because they take with them all the knowledge acquired during the time worked, that is to say, the know-how, an intangible asset of the company.

In addition to this, companies face a major problem: the loss of information. This is because, despite having a backup copy of the backup of all the data, it is extremely difficult to find a file or specific piece of information in a sea of documents and folders in the order designated by the employee.

One of the most efficient solutions is to have an information management platform that allows the company to organize, compile and consult all its data in a single place. In addition to saving time in the search for information, these systems help to promote transparency and compliance with corporate objectives. One example of such platforms is the Sustainability Support System.

Innovation and technology in companies are essential to reduce risks in their daily operations and boost sustainable growth.